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Congratulations; you remembered your wedding anniversary and even bought your wife a lovely crystal gift to celebrate the occasion. You can breathe a sigh of relief, pat yourself on the back and relax for the rest of the day.

And then you need to panic because as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, there is another anniversary date quickly approaching that you need to know about.

Everybody can be a little forgetful at times, especially when it comes to dates and special events, but when it does happen you had better have a good reason for it.

Some men have disasters within the first few years or even months of a relationship by forgetting important dates. For some, they roll happily along for years and then one day, POW, they are hit with the question, “Did you forget what day this is, dear?”

Indeed, it has happened even to the best of us, the ones with minds like steel traps.

The problem is that the brain can only hold so much information and when it gets full, it has to lose some old information to make room for new information. Unfortunately, we have no control over what gets forgotten.

For example, a friend of ours stated that the information his brain dumped had to do with important dates while he was still able to recall every lyric to every song on all nine Led Zeppelin studio albums. However, he had managed to forget his wife's birthday.

That’s a no-no. And regardless what lyrics you recall from your favorite rock bands, here are more dates you should never forget.


Wedding Anniversary

This is an obvious one. Do what it takes to ensure this date never escapes you, even if you have to tattoo it on your arm.

Dating Anniversary

It’s strange that after you get married so much emphasis should be kept on the anniversary of your first date. Heck, you don't even remember what you did on your first date. But she does, she remembers every glorious minute of your first date and you had better hope you at least remember the date.

Proposal Day

Yep, this is another date that you need to remember. Odds are that it was a stressful day for you and difficult to forget, so you have that going for you.

First Kiss

This one isn't monumental, but it is a date you should recall nevertheless. You can score some brownie points if you beat her to the punch and give her a gift on this anniversary.

Your First Time

In a relationship, there are a lot of first times. This first time was greatly anticipated and probably rather awkward. It is worth remembering and celebrating in the most fun of ways.

Children’s Birthdays

The woman who painfully birthed your offspring will be really angry should you forget any of the kid’s birthdays. The kids will probably be disappointed as well.

So download an app, buy a calendar, do what you need to ensure all of these dates are never forgotten.

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