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Forever in Our Hearts and On Display

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Throughout our lives, we meet people (and animals) who touch our hearts in unexpected ways. Of course, there is the obvious: mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. But we also meet friends over the years who leave lifelong impressions that change our thinking or alter our course in life for the better. With friends, family, and pets like these, there is only one way to immortalize those photographic moments that mean the most to you: Crystal Prints.

Here at Crystal Prints, we’ve been in the business of creating treasured crystal keepsakes for over ten years. We love what we do and we love our customers’ reactions even more. Time after time, we are able to deliver pictures printed on glass that are loved by all who order them. Our beautiful crystal keepsakes bring tears of joy to all who receive them:

“I was so impressed with it, I gave [it] to her early, couldn’t wait. Upon opening, she cried [from] joy, [it] meant so much to her. Crystal Prints was incredible and messaged me a couple of times to make sure it was to my liking until I thought [it] was perfect and even took it a little further… After 25 years of anniversary gifts, I can tell you this is without a doubt her favorite.”

• This review is from one of our customers who bought a Crystal Prints keepsake for his wife for their anniversary.

Our heart-shaped crystal pendants are the perfect gift for those who want to keep their loved ones close to heart. One of our clients who purchased a 3D family portrait from us also purchased a heart pendant for his wife whose father recently passed:

“This turned out to be her most favorite gift of them all. He passed away 4 years ago and they were very, very close. Her reaction was instantaneous and very emotional and extremely heartfelt... Thank you Carol and Crystal Prints for your awesome great work!”

These are only two of our many customer reviews and each is very happy with their purchase. Check out our testimonials page for more reviews and see for yourself the heartfelt reactions our customers have to our crystal keepsakes.

If you check out our Crystal Prints categories, you’ll find that we offer pictures printed on glass in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes we have are: 3D photo towers, obelisk photo crystals, diamond shapes, presentation panels, heart paperweight photo crystals, tall and wide iceberg photo crystals, crystal circles, jeweled pucks, octagonal paperweights, rectangular paperweights, square crystal cubes, bottle stoppers, keychains, ornaments and more!

Our crystal keepsakes can be used for a variety of occasions. If you can name it, we can do it. For awards, you might want to check out our corporate events page. With images and text printed on panels, obelisks, diamond shapes, 3D towers, and more, these gifts are the perfect gift for your best employee or the big boss man. We’ve also got a memorials and pet memorials category page that features various crystal shapes that can be customized with images of loved ones that recently passed. Perfect for that mantle decorated with family photos, this crystal keepsake for your lost loved one will capture the light and shine bright.

Our pictures printed on glass are also perfect for bringing back the memory of loved ones who have passed long ago. If you have a friend who lost a pet that was their childhood best friend, bring some joy back into their hearts and memories back into their lives with a crystal keepsake that shows off the side of their pet that they have never forgotten. This gift is sure to bring tears to their eyes and will be treasured forever and placed somewhere it can be seen by everyone.

We also have light bases that can be paired with your crystal keepsake to ensure that the photo is always on display. One of our customers recently purchased a pet memorial crystal print for their mother:

“Beyond what I was expecting this to look like… this was well loved by my mom. I gave her this as a mother’s day gift. Her dog, Cody, had to be put down a few months before… she loved it, hasn’t turned off the base light since turning it on…. Will definitely order another.”

Our Crystal Prints can be purchased for any occasion, big or small. If you’re stuck on what to buy, our crystal keepsake gifts are the perfect gift. Treasured for years to come, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to any face that opens it. If you’re interested in learning more about our process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (410) 221-5000. Our customer service representatives are always ready to offer a helping hand and answer any and all questions you might have!

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