A Crystal Gift is Something She Will Cherish Forever

A Crystal Gift is Something She Will Cherish Forever

Feb 7th 2017

A friend of ours bought his wife a luxurious leather coat for Christmas this last year. It was perfect in every sense. That is, apart from the fact it was two sizes too big, an awful color his wife hated and the cut was all wrong. The result of this disastrous gift was an exchange in January, for something she really loved.

If you are a man, think back through the years at all of the gifts you bought. Now, think about how many of those many gifts you bought that turned out to be, well, lousey. For us, the trend of buying bad gifts began at an early age, when we were nine or 10 perhaps. Yes, we remember it quite clearly, we bought our mother a stapler for Christmas. To be sure, it was a nice stapler in an exciting color with many functions, but a stapler nonetheless. We look back at that with mixed emotions.

This whole business of shopping is a minefield. The first problems most men run into right away is how much to spend. People remind us that it’s the thought that counts, but if you don't spend enough, it wasn't much of a thought. Exactly how much to spend on a gift depends on where you are in the relationship. But it is still tricky. You see, spend too little and there will be rolling eyes, spend too much and your girlfriend might think you’re covering up for something you did.

If you are considering buying an item for the home, it is critical that you remember that these gifts come in two categories: functional and luxury. The former is bad. Now, scented candles make a good gift, but a toaster is completely out of the question. Even if she needs a toaster, even if she begs for a toaster, even if the toaster you want to buy is gold-plated with pearl knobs and dispenses Lindor chocolates, don’t go there.

Perfume might make a good gift, but it is rather boring.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be considering lingerie as a gift. But stop and think about having to actually drive to Victoria’s Secret and the fact you will look like an idiot standing in the lingerie aisle by yourself.

Of course, you could shop lingerie online, but if she sees the search history, it could get you into trouble.

Jewelry is always an option when considering a gift. But again, it is hard to tell what is appropriate and what isn’t.

You could make something with your hands….never mind.

Or you could, wait, no, you can’t do that either.

Here is an excellent idea, buy your sweetie an engraved crystal gift. Really, it’s the perfect gift. A crystal gift is something she will cherish forever. It shows that you were thoughtful and considerate and you made the effort to give her something she adores. But best of all, it beats having to shop at Victoria’s Secret.