American Society of Photographers

American Society of Photographers

Jun 30th 2022

The American Society of Photographers is a group of well-trained artists dedicated to the craft of photography. Their goal is to improve the field through adherence to ethical standards, refinement of technical skills, and creative growth. The ASP also strives to promote fellowship and education among all photographers.

Crystal Prints has had the honor of creating crystal awards for the ASP Service Award ceremony for the past 16 years. We are honored that a society as prestigious as the American Society of Photographers has chosen us to create their crystal awards. We take special care to ensure each and every piece we create captures the beauty of the image uploaded.

The ASP had its first beginnings in the dining room at Stevens Hotel in Chicago. A few members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) met and discussed starting a new society for photography. Their ties to the PPA, however, made them hesitant to do so.

Despite their initial reservations about starting a new organization, this prestigious society was officially founded on August 1, 1937, about a year after their initial meeting. D. D. Spellman acted as the first president of the organization. Membership was initially limited to 20 total people, and each member had to be invited to join.

Since then, membership has grown greatly. By 1948, the organization raised the limit of members from 20 to 40. In 1960, the ASP officially removed the member limit. Now, to gain membership, you need to prove your skills as a photographer before being granted entry into the society. Prospective members must have a Masters in Photography and be a member of the PPA.

In the early days of the ASP, the members focused on enhancing the national photographic exhibit and promoting the Winona School of Photography. This included encouraging former graduate students of the photography program to continue entering exhibitions after receiving their degrees. To aid in this goal, the ASP created the ASP Fellowship in 1970. In order to qualify, a photographer must be a current member in good standing, completed a minimum of 3 years of membership within ASP, and earned at least one Masters in Photography. Prospective recipients must also have acquired 15 exhibition merits after becoming a member of ASP and during their time as a member of the organization.

The ASP Fellowship encourages graduates of Masters programs in Photography to continue exhibiting their work and to push their creative abilities. ASP focuses on the artistic journey, influences, and personal philosophies as well as the passion each photographer has for their craft.

In order to promote the Winona School of Photography, the society organized a fundraising campaign for a $50,000 construction project to build an auditorium in 1956, at Winona Lake, Indiana. The building was dedicated to the ASP upon opening. The ASP also helped with class instruction and building leadership among fellow photographers.

The ASP’s focus on craft means they only award people who excel at it. They have a wide variety of accolades that have been helping to document the standout creatives since the early 80s. These include the PPA National Award, ASP Service Award, ASP Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medallion Award, the ASP International Award, and quite a few others. For these accolades, Crystal Prints engraves highlights of their pieces into a gorgeous crystal to immortalize their work.

In 2023, we once again had the honor of creating unique crystal awards for the ASP, including the Gold Medallion and the International Award. “Morning Coffee with my Girls” captures a candid moment between a mother and her children as they read a book. Kathy Wierda did a wonderful job with the original, and capturing its beauty in crystal was an honor.

The ASP has been working with Crystal Prints since 2007. We believe, as much as they do, that improving the science and art of photography is incredibly important. Preserving this art is equally crucial, and keeping photos locked away on a hard drive does not do this craft justice. Having a physical copy of photographs always feels more substantial and real than on a screen. This is why Crystal Prints creates custom crystal awards for the ASP.

The good news is that you do not have to win honors from the ASP to get your own engraved crystal keepsake. Crystal prints can engrave any photo for use in crystal awards, gifts, keepsakes, and memorials. Simply upload your photo with your order and we can begin the engraving process. We also offer optional proofs so you can ensure you are happy with the final product before production. Your photos will never look more stunning. Image experts choose Crystal Prints, so make sure your art is captured in the best way it can be.