​Anniversaries are More than Crystal Gifts and Roses

​Anniversaries are More than Crystal Gifts and Roses

Sep 27th 2017

An anniversary with your significant other, whether you two are celebrating one year together, three years together or 50 years together, is well worth celebrating. And by celebrating, we mean you need to do more than present her a crystal gift and a dozen roses; you need to take her someplace special.

That is not to say your idea to get her a 3D crystal from Crystal Prints isn’t a bad idea, as a matter of fact, it’s an excellent idea and she will absolutely love it. As she will love the roses as well. But you can’t just rely on these gifts for your anniversary, she deserves to go somewhere special. The question you have is just where to take her.

Now, not everybody can afford a trip overseas or even a trip across the country, if you have to, keep the destination close. There are plenty of great places you two can go even if you are on a tight budget.

Take in Some Culture

Take your lovely wife to a museum, a theater or even a dance show or the opera. Find out what she likes, which might come as a surprise to you, do your homework and set things up for an evening of culture and fun.

You can start the evening off with a romantic dinner at your favorite eatery and end the evening by sharing a latte at one of the hip coffee joints downtown.

Book a Night at a Bed and Breakfast or Chic City Hotel

There aren’t many things that say romance more than spending the night in a quaint bed and breakfast in the country or a hip hotel located downtown.

Make the evening a surprise by booking the room in advance, sending her an invitation and decorating the room with rose petals and have a hot bath ready for her arrival.

A Day at the Spa

There are any number of treatments you and your spouse will enjoy at the spa. But the best things is that you both will be spoiled and relaxed. You both could enjoy a facial, followed up by a massage and then spend some time in the steam room or in the hot tub.

Get Crafty

If you and your partner are the artsy types, take the spouse to the local DIY pottery studio or paint studio. These are places that let you create your own masterpieces to take home and enjoy.

You could combine your talents and create a vase or perhaps you are more interested in doing something else together like making a scrapbook or painting plates.

Attend a Concert

Whether you choose a night out watching a 1980s hair band you both love or hearing a concerto by the local orchestra, a night out for music is as romantic as it is fun.

But whatever you decide to do on your anniversary, make sure you don’t forget the gift and flowers. We can’t help you with the flowers, but the crystal gifts can be bought right here.