Bendix Corporation Headquarters Recognition Award

Bendix Corporation Headquarters Recognition Award

Jun 3rd 2022

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems recently finished the construction of a new headquarters in North America. The new campus sits on a 56-acre plot in Avon, Ohio, and the company was awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s (LEED) silver certification for its construction. In recognition of the LEED Silver certification, Bendix ordered a set of crystal corporate awards to be given to each of the partners who helped them earn this prestigious certification. We want to recognize Bendix for both this achievement and the crystals they ordered from us. LEED provides guidelines and framework for green construction, and they push for buildings with energy-efficient features and lower carbon footprints. Certified buildings have to pass a series of rigorous tests and may be awarded further distinctions: silver, gold, and platinum. Buildings awarded these distinctions are considered as symbols of sustainability worldwide. These buildings must also provide healthy places for people to work and spend their time in.

Crystal Prints can engrave 2D or 3D images and text into crystals for any occasion. A large achievement like the one Bendix celebrated deserves to be remembered. Those who helped with the project’s completion also deserve commemoration and recognition for the hard work they put into their jobs.

Bendix is a powerhouse in the design and development of active safety technologies, energy management solutions, and many other control components under the brand’s name. Their expertise has also made them an industry pioneer in vehicle technology. They are driven to improve vehicle safety, performance, and create longer lasting and cost-efficient vehicles.

Their manufacturing plants can be found all throughout North America, with plants in Hanover, PA; Bowling Green, KY; Wytheville, VA; Huntington, IN; and Acuña, Mexico. The new Avon headquarters celebrates the new standard for energy efficiency that Bendix has been striving towards for years. The LEED silver award, which was recently updated to include even more rigorous standards, proved their expertise and dedication to green energy solutions.

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