Besides Getting Really Cool Crystal Anniversary Gifts, There are Plenty of Other Reasons to Enjoy a Long Wedded Bliss

Nov 15th 2016

Most people aren’t aware of the many benefits and advantages of getting married and staying married for a long time. Besides getting really cool crystal anniversary gifts, there are plenty of other reasons to enjoy a long wedded bliss.

The Financial Benefits

Not only will you enjoy earning more money being a married couple, you will also enjoy lower expenses. When both husband and wife are earning money, the two incomes contribute to better financial security.

Studies have shown that married couples accumulate more assets than their unmarried counterparts. There are also several tax breaks that married couples enjoy. 

For those who think that marriage is a financial burden, consider this: Studies show that married men earn more than the single guys.

Religious and Social Acceptance

Most religions do not approve of premarital sex and cohabiting. When you get married in front of family and friends, the vows exchanged show a lifelong commitment, which is accepted in religion.

Getting married is both courteous and respectful to the person you love. Most cultures expect people to fall in love and get married, it shows they have become adults.

Someone to Share Your Life With

Being single might be appealing for a little while, but in the long run, you will desire to have someone to care for and who will care for you. You will want somebody there to share in both the happy and sad moments of life, someone who will be by your side when on vacation, when shopping and when you go to bed at night.

Marriage means having somebody with you to share feelings and experiences, somebody to share everything with. Your dreams and your spouse’s dreams become one and you work together to make them come true.

Mental Health

When you are single, you must deal with all of life’s hardships all on your own. But when you get married, you have a partner who supports you through these rough times, you are no longer alone.

Married couples are less distraught than people who are single or divorced. Studies have shown that married couples enjoy improved mental health and divorce leads to a decline in mental health.

But a failed marriage doesn't mean you should give up, you can still find true love and enjoy the benefits of a happy marriage.


Having kids is awesome. Raising kids with the love of your life is even better.

Marriage allows you to fulfill your desire to have kids and continue the bloodline. Being a parent is an extraordinary experience that will last a lifetime.


Studies show that married people enjoy a deeper satisfaction in their lives, which is one reason they are so happy. Marriage provides stability in life, which helps both spouses succeed.

Better Sex

Marriage means safer and better sex. Sex for married couples is healthier and more sophisticated than it is when you are single. Most couples who have been married for a long time agree that sex gets better the longer they have been married.