Boost Work Ethic with Crystal Prints

Boost Work Ethic with Crystal Prints

Apr 12th 2018

No matter if you’re the CEO of a company or an employee at a small office or a larger corporation, everyone loves to be acknowledged for the work that they do and the effort they put in. This is especially important for those who are not at the top of the tier. If someone starts a new job and heads in to work on time every day, performs their duties, and exceeds expectations, they would love to hear from a higher-up about what a great job they are doing and how well they are performing. This will encourage them to continue to prove their worth and the benefits they bring to company. However, if months pass by and their position at this office turns into a year and they have yet to hear any kind of acknowledgement about their work, then they might think that the work they are doing is going unnoticed. This lack of recognition could make them slack off at work, have them arriving late to the office, and make them feel as if their job is not as important as they once thought it was. This could turn into an office setting that is stressful, unhappy, and conflict ridden.

A solution to avoid this sort of negative office environment is to bring about an awards recognition program. And, what better way to do that than with  3D laser gifts from Crystal Prints. Before we go into all the possible gifts available at Crystal Prints that you can give your employees, let’s discuss the benefits of what an awards recognition program would bring to an office.

Employee Retention
One of the most costly aspects of a company is the money that is lost when an employee decides to leave the company. More often than not, this decision is based upon the fact that the employee does not see any value in the work they are doing and because of this they decide that it is time for them to move on to something bigger and better. With an awards recognition program in place, employees will be able to see that their work is valued, recognized, and rewarded which would aid in employee retention.


Increase in Productivity
After employee retention, another benefit that comes from an awards recognition program is an increase in productivity. If a CEO, or any higher-up, takes the time to acknowledge the hard work and effort their employees make and then reward that work with validation and gifts, employees will then be motivated to work harder in order to get that same validation a second time.

Improves Team Culture
With the wrong type of awards recognition program in an office setting, jealousy and competition can arise. However, a program that stems from peer-to-peer recommendations can actually positively increase the relationship between co-workers by giving them the opportunity to recognize the work their peers are doing and encourage them to see the positive qualities of one another.

Now that we’ve established how beneficial an awards recognition program can be within an office setting, you might be wondering what kind of awards should be given out. Well, we have an answer for you! 3D laser gifts from Crystal Prints!

Crystal Prints has been around for over ten years and we’ve been making quality, custom-made crystal gifts for everyone to enjoy. From memorials to pendants, awards, and paperweights, Crystal Prints has been in the business of providing people with elegant 3D laser gifts that makes each recipient feel special.

If you need gifts for an awards recognition program, you might want to check out our Quick Awards or Gifts section. Choose from the crystals listed in that section or select another one of our variety of crystal shapes, upload any image(s) or text you want placed on that crystal, we will size and layout the crystal to your exact specifications, and then send you a proof for approval. For a gift that will make your employees feel special and get motivated, it’s as simple as that!

When choosing an award for your employees, keep in mind the work they do and, if known, their personal hobbies. Perhaps one employee would like a crystal paperweight that can be displayed on their desk, while another might like to take home a crystal bottle stopper to showcase at home and let all their guests know how they are succeeding at work. Whatever the case, a customized 3D laser gift for each recipient will make them feel extra special and even more motivated than before.

At Crystal Prints, each piece is made to perfection not only for your satisfaction, but also for our pleasure. We take pride in making each piece to your exact specifications so that you can be proud of your crystal, place it high in a visible spot, and let it catch the light for all to see!