Crystal Awards Jobs Well Done Can Go a Long Way

Jun 30th 2016

You put in the time, the blood and sweat into the last work project. Not only did you step it up to extremely high levels of excellence, you did so under a very tight deadline. You brought your work home with you to ensure goals were met, you went above and beyond what is typically expected in your job role. Basically, you nailed it. But when the smoke cleared, you were left with nothing.

Not a “thank you” from management

Not a pat on the back

No crystal awards adorning your workstation


This was work performed by you that demanded a raise, a promotion, a bonus or at the very least, employee recognition. But because you received none of this, it is highly unlikely you will put forth such an effort in any future endeavors. In fact, the next project you work on might be with a company that appreciates your efforts.

When hard work is left invalidated, one can hardly be surprised when nobody feels willing to repeat those positive actions. It is experiences like this that are seriously detrimental when it comes to employee engagement. But these actions are also just as damaging for leadership. When management fails at this level, their reputation decreases and they are not seen as players on the same team.

Recognition is simple and happens frequently outside the workplace. But it is a practice that needs to be adopted in business, it is a critical ingredient in employee engagement. Saying “thank you” can do wonders to employee morale and crystal gifts are continuing reminders of a job well done. Here is what will happen when more employees are recognized.

Reduced Turnover

This is an easy equation, employees who are recognized by management are engaged and engaged employees equal higher retention rates. It’s simple math, less turnover means less money lost.

Improved Culture

If you ignore your friends long enough, there is no reason for them to remain friends with you. This applies to relationships at work, positive environments foster great relationships. A work culture of recognition breeds an engaging workplace.

Better Performance

Motivated and driven employees produce outstanding results as they feel needed and therefore infused with a sense of mission.

As you can see, a crystal award for a job well done can go a long way in making your business more successful.