Crystal Awards Keep Employees Happy

Crystal Awards Keep Employees Happy

Dec 27th 2017

It is quite obvious that happy employees are vital to the long-term success of any business or organization. And to make employees happy and keep them happy doesn't necessarily mean having hammocks installed in the break room and serving ice cream cones on Fridays, but this does help.

Let’s put it this way; in addition to hammocks in the break room and ice cream cones on Fridays, you need to have an employee recognition program in place to keep employees happy and make them feel rewarded for their efforts.

There are plenty of studies that have confirmed the obvious; employees enjoy their jobs more and are less likely to exit the company when they feel as though their efforts are recognized and appreciated. And it doesn't take much to keep employees happy, crystal awards from Crystal Prints will make any employee feel appreciated. Here are a few other benefits of employee recognition.

Great Impression

In all likelihood, when an employee is recognized and awarded, they are all too eager to share their happy feelings with their family and friends. They may even share those good feelings with clients and customers as well. What this does is make the company look really good and gives a positive representation of the organization. In other words, your company looks good when employees are recognized and rewarded and this develops better external business relationships.

Encourages That Extra Effort

Your employees are called upon to go the extra mile quite often. When it’s time to pack up and go home and a client calls, they are there to take care of their needs. If this goes unnoticed, it may not happen as often. But in incorporating a recognition and reward system, the chances employees go that extra mile all of the time improves dramatically.

It Builds Teamwork

When people who work together are given the recognition they deserve, their bonds are strengthened and productivity is increased. Recognition encourages team members to do their very best.

Reduce Turnover

This isn’t rocket science, the equation is very simple; employees who are recognized are engaged and engaged employees equal a higher retention rate. Turnover is an issue when you factor in the money it costs to replace someone. An employee is an investment you want to have around for a long time.

It Helps in Recruiting

When you are on the lookout for new employees, there is a lot of selling that takes place. Job seekers try to sell themselves to you and you try to sell your organization to them. If you have an employee recognition and reward system in place, it sends the message that employees are important to you. This betters the chances you are able to hire the best talent out there.

These are just a few reasons to start up an employee recognition and reward program. There are other surprising benefits as well. If you need rewards for the employees you wish to recognize, check out what Crystal Prints has to offer.