​Crystal Gifts and Date Reminders

​Crystal Gifts and Date Reminders

Jul 25th 2017

When life gets busy, it is all too easy to forget those important dates. But by forgetting an important date like a wedding anniversary or first date anniversary, you are just setting yourself up for a disastrous roller coaster ride.

In our last post, we gave you a list of dates that you should never forget. In this article, we will reveal ways to remember these important dates.

Your wife likes to feel special. And she feels special when you remember all of those milestones in a relationship, like the date of your first date or the anniversary of your first kiss. Heck, she is really impressed when you remember the kids' birthdays.

If you think that a forgotten anniversary date can be easily missed by your wife, you are sadly mistaken. You see, research has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that women don't forget special days, none of them. So do what you must to protect the integrity of your marriage, your sanity and her emotions by remembering all of those special dates.

Utilize Technology

There is an app for that. We are quite sure there are several apps or other programs you can use with your smartphone or other devices that will remind you of upcoming important dates and other events.

You can even store all of those important dates on your Google calendar so they pop up from time to time to remind you.

Social Media

You might despise Facebook, but it is a good way to get reminders of important dates. You can bet your wife has her birthday and other events typed into her account. All you have to do is check Facebook to see if any events are upcoming.

Use a Calendar

Your mom did it, and so did her mom. As far back as you can go, your family kept calendars with important dates marked on it. Sure, it is a little old school, but it is a sure way to ensure you don't forget an anniversary.

Keep a Journal

Every time something memorable happens between you and your partner, write it down in great detail in a special journal. Write down what you did, what you thought and how much you enjoy the time you spend with the woman of your dreams. You know, all of that mushy stuff girls like.These thoughts and feeling can then be shared down the road when you do happen to forget an anniversary. It is best to be prepared.

Tell Your Mother

Yup, give all of your important date information to your mother and she will call you when one is quickly approaching. Moms never forget.


This is the last resort. Forget that dragon tattoo or Chinese symbol tattoo you have always wanted, just have the artist tattoo all of your important dates right there on your arm.

Also, for good measure, have the artist also tattoo crystal gifts on your arm so you always remember to buy the right gift for your wedding anniversary.