Crystal Gifts and Reasons to Get Married

Crystal Gifts and Reasons to Get Married

Feb 26th 2018

Have you ever wondered if you will ever get married? Some people think that is is quite fine to go through life without taking that huge leap of faith. Our high divorce rate might have you thinking if getting married is even worth the effort.

In addition, it does seem like living together is a choice that would be so much easier. Why be tied down and go through life with the hassles of being married?

Let’s face it, marriage comes with a whole lot of arguments, responsibilities and real-life drama. And getting married means you have to be a whole new person overnight.

It’s true, getting married can seem like a scary thing to do, even something that seems both hopeless and useless. But Crystal Prints, your source for crystal gifts, is here to tell you that marriage doesn't have to be a bad thing, there are many aspects of it that are quite good.

If you don't think you are ready for marriage, then perhaps it is because you aren’t with the right person. When you find the right man or women, we think your opinion of marriage will change.


Marriage Makes You Live Longer

One way marriage is good for you is that it helps extend your life. There have been studies that show that single people are 40 percent more likely to die from heart disease and five times more likely to die from an infectious disease than their married counterparts.

Other studies show that the rate of mortality is 250 percent higher among men who are single compared to men who are married.

Married People Make More Money

You know that dream car you have always wanted to drive? If you were married, you would probably own it by now. When you get married, you get to share the cost of all of those major purchases and everyday bills. This means the spouse is responsible for half the mortgage payment, half the utilities and covers half the cost of a new roof. Which leaves more money for you to spend.

So before you start complaining about how much money it costs taking your girlfriend out for dinner and a movie, stop and think about how she will be a financial asset should you decide to marry her.

Who Wants to Die Alone?

You might be on a hot streak right now, dating yoga instructors, bartenders and baristas, but you know that won’t last forever. How will being single when you enter your golden years work out for you?

Marriage is an investment in your future, even if it is a bit of a sacrifice when you are young and single. But by building a deep, strong love with one woman, you have a partner who will stay with you the rest of her life.

Married Men are More Attractive

Nobody knows why, but married men are more attractive to single women than single men. And even though you are married, it can feel pretty good getting attention from a good-looking single woman at a party.

If you are single, these are fine reasons to consider marriage. If you are married, we suggest you buy a crystal gift for your wedding anniversary from Crystal Prints if you wish to stay married.