Crystal Gifts are Perfect for the 3-Year Anniversary

Sep 8th 2016

If your wife complains because you can never seem to celebrate your anniversary the right way, perhaps you need to continue reading this post. Women love anniversaries, it’s the one time a year they get to celebrate and appreciate the time they spend with you. Just as important as the way you celebrate your anniversary is the gift you choose. Your life will be easier if you did a little research and discovered the traditional gifts to give to commemorate each anniversary.

It is also important that you fully realize that the gifts you give on anniversary milestones are completely different than the gifts you were giving her while dating. And while a dozen roses and some cheap chocolates were fine when celebrating dating for 6 months, this kind of gift simply won't suffice for your 5-year anniversary, should you be lucky enough to make it that far.

The 6-Month Dating Anniversary

What To Do- On this anniversary, you should opt for dinner at a classy place; this means NOT going to Olive Garden or Applebees, no matter how much you love the riblet plate or the never ending bread sticks.

The Gift- It is quite acceptable to give her a dozen roses for this anniversary, if you really want to impress and think she just might be the one, a bracelet, necklace or another piece of jewelry might ensure she doesn't dump you before you celebrate a year together.

The 1-Year Dating Anniversary

What To Do- If you make it to this point two things have happened: You haven’t totally messed things up and she might actually like you. This is the dating anniversary when you should start getting sappy. She will love it. Take her to the places you went on your first date and talk about your first kiss as a couple and all the fun times you have had together. Classic move.

The Gift- A ring perhaps? Might as well take a chance while the opportunity still presents itself.

The 3-Year Wedding Anniversary

What To Do- At this point, you are beyond “firsts” and may even beginning to fall into that dangerous “comfort” zone. It is important you take her to a restaurant you have never been to before, preferably one that requires actual reservations.

The Gift- A crystal gift, crystal gifts are perfect for the 3-year anniversary. Some traditions suggest crystal gifts should be given on the 15-year anniversary, but we really don't know what the future holds, so don't risk it.

The 10-Year Anniversary

What To Do- It’s time to be nostalgic and take her to the places you used to go before you had a mortgage, two screaming kids and jobs you both hate.

The Gift- Really, anything you can afford is fine, except we wouldn’t recommend a new vacuum cleaner. Well, unless it’s a Dyson.