Crystal Gifts For Your 15th Anniversary

Crystal Gifts For Your 15th Anniversary

May 9th 2022

15th Anniversary Crystal Gifts

Anniversaries are incredibly important occasions that many of us place a heavy emphasis on. That weight is totally justified, as every year spent with another person can have ups and downs. Still, through it all you still love and cherish one another. The love, and the memories you’ve made together, should be celebrated.

15 years of marriage is no small feat at all. You and your partner have experienced a full life together, and the joy you feel for them should be shown. The 15th anniversary is traditionally referred to as the crystal anniversary. This anniversary is a big one in symbolic anniversary gifting. The first fifteen anniversaries are tied directly to materials that symbolize the strength of your relationship. As the years continue, the value and hardiness of the material increases.

For example, the first year anniversary gift is paper. This is because the threads of the paper symbolize the connection you and your spouse have. The surface of paper is also a blank slate. This symbolizes the fact that your relationship is still in the beginning stages. It shows that you are connected, but the life that you are living together has just started. The memories are still waiting to be drawn onto the paper’s surface.

The other symbolic materials all have a meaningful reason behind the years they represent. The 15th anniversary, however, is traditionally the last year with a widely agreed-upon material that represents it. After this anniversary, the symbolic gifts continue in intervals of five. Because of this, treat this anniversary with a care that you may not have with past anniversaries.

Crystal Gifts For 15th Anniversary

The material that represents the 15th anniversary gift is crystal. This symbolizes the lightness, durability, and clarity of your love. You have spent a decade and a half together. That’s a lot of time. Throughout these years you’ve learned a lot about each other. This knowledge, along with the many beautiful memories you’ve made throughout the years, makes the relationship with your spouse as strong and sophisticated as this clear material.

A traditional 15-year anniversary gift would incorporate crystal into the present. This may be through a gift of crystal glasses, a crystal whiskey glass and decanter, crystal coasters, or some crystal jewelry. Whatever you get your spouse for your crystal anniversary, it should celebrate the life that you have spent together throughout these last fifteen years.

The best 15th anniversary gift is a crystal print. These prints take a photo of your choosing and engrave it into a beautiful crystal. This will directly tie your love to the tradition of symbolic materials and personalize it by creating one of your memories in the middle of the crystal.

Crystal Prints offers premium crystal products for your crystal anniversary. All you need to do is upload your favorite picture of you and your spouse onto our website and we’ll take care of the rest. We also offer free shipping. Get a crystal print to immortalize what makes your love special!