Crystal Gifts Received for Christmas Would be Cherished Forever

Dec 8th 2016

Baby boomers consider the most important piece of their legacy to be stories and they are interested in keeping the family history alive. The same group of people also considers that keepsakes were more prized than money.

We guess this means a crystal gift received for Christmas would be cherished forever.

So why is a keepsake so important? Well, there are several reasons.

A Comfort

A keepsake becomes a familiar object that offers a sense of comfort during times of stress or times of grief. A crystal gift can become a compass, keeping you together during times of change. It is comforting knowing that whatever happens in the world, your keepsake will always be there. No matter what. Each keepsake tells a unique story about a person, a life, and it evokes powerful feelings.

Acts as a Bridge

Just what is a keepsake you ask? A keepsake is an item, a tangible item that offers an emotional or personal connection to someone we love. A keepsake, like a heart-shaped crystal, helps us feel connected to each other as well as to our past. It is not only a bridge between people, but is also serves as a bridge to our past and even our future.

A keepsake is a unique and meaningful gift that travels across generations. Each time a keepsake is passed down from one generation to another, a bond is either created or strengthened. A crystal gift is a wonderful keepsake to consider giving as a holiday gift.

Tangible Memories

Memories of those we love hold the power to both inspire and direct us. When we gaze upon a crystal memorial, it reconnects us to the memories we hold most dear and it reminds us of who we are, who we were and just how far we have come. When loved ones are gone, crystal memorials offer us a tangible memento. They offer us a beautiful reminder of the person who is no longer with us.

Memories are an essential part of our lives and fills our histories. Just as important is what we decide to give meaning to. A keepsake helps us center our interest on the positive of love as opposed to the negativity created when a loss occurs. Continue writing the story by giving the gift of a keepsake. Help nurture happiness and peace.