Four Amazing Photo Crystal Concepts That Could Be Perfect for You!

May 9th 2018

Choosing gifts for momentous life events or beloved family members isn’t always easy. Gift cards are bland, clothing often has to be exchanged or returned, and gadgets often end up gathering dust. To make an impact for that special person in your life, you need something unique and breathtaking. For many, photo crystal prints are exactly the right gifts.

If you’re not familiar with photo crystal prints, these beautiful, artisan crystal creations contain subsurface, laser-etched, and completely customizable images and words that can be viewed from every side of the crystal. They’re pristine and clear unlike any other etched display, and the unique technique employed to create them allows for amazing, three-dimensional re-creations of photographs and images. The effect is breathtaking, and if you keep reading, you’ll learn four incredible concepts that just might make the perfect gift for your family member.

1. The Animal Lover’s Crystal
The animal lover’s crystal is a concept that will delight any family member or loved one who has a beloved pet. A rough-cut crystal obelisk, twinkling brightly, contains a life-like, three-dimensional etching of your loved one’s pet. Tropical fish can appear to be swimming through solid crystal, cats can be depicted in tranquil repose, and dogs’ playful smiles can be displayed for all to see. No matter the pet, its likeness can be captured in eternal crystal.

2. The Big Moment
Recitals, tournament games, and even chess finales are intense moments of incredible personal triumph, and it is only natural that we would want to remember them. If you’re lucky enough to have caught a loved one’s moment of glory in photographic form, you can immortalize it in a radiant awards crystal. Choose a wide rectangular block and have the artisans at Crystal Prints laser-etch the moment your loved one cracked a home run with bases loaded, perfected the Moonlight Sonata, or took the king in a dazzling check-mate. Triumph deserves to be remembered beautifully!

3. A Night to Remember Forever
Weddings, anniversaries, or the birthday of a new member of the family are all timeless events we remember for a lifetime. A photo crystal etching of a photo of the night, the words you’ll never forget, or even a drawn re-creation of everything that made that special night unforgettable makes for a gift that will last for a lifetime. We only live once, and the special moments of our lives deserve to be cherished and re-lived over and over again.

4. The Big Sale
Some workplace achievements are the result of months or even years of tough effort. If you have a salesperson on your team who just won the client of your company’s dreams, you can show your appreciation with a photo crystal. Immortalize their name in crystal or etch a photograph of your star seller shaking hands with the CEO. A considerate gift can be as important to your employee’s heart as a big paycheck is to their finances.

Do you love the sound of these ideas? Do you want to see the countless other possibilities? Visit Crystal Print online today, and see what their artisans can do for you!