Giving a Crystal Gift Unconditionally is Not as Simple as You Might Think

Giving a Crystal Gift Unconditionally is Not as Simple as You Might Think

Feb 7th 2017

Giving a crystal gift unconditionally is not necessarily as simple as it might seem. There are times when giving a gift is a chore and it makes us resentful. There are also times when we give a gift because we expect something in return, even if it is a simple “thank you” from the recipient. In this light, it is easy to see that many times gift giving isn’t motivated by altruism.

Since we are accustomed to give gifts as a sense of duty or for gratitude in return, how can we truly give gifts unconditionally? To start, unconditional gift-giving starts with your love or esteem of another person and showing them your admiration by not wanting absolutely anything in return.

Find a Meaningful Gift

Have some pride in the gift that you choose. Don’t just buy a gift because you are getting a good deal on it or because it is shiny and pretty. Put careful consideration in the gift you choose, it might require some effort, but the result will be well worth it.

Let It Be a True Surprise

A gift that is expected is not as fulfilling, nor as exciting, as a gift that comes to you as a total surprise. This does not mean you can’t give a gift on an occasion like a birthday or Christmas because gifts are expected, the surprise can lie in the fact the recipient has no idea they were getting such a fine gift from you.

For example, if you always give your wife a box of chocolates and a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, imagine her surprise when you present her with a crystal gift with a message from your heart. Tears will be shed no doubt.

Think Beyond the Tangible

While a crystal gift is a fine gift indeed, you cannot realistically give them on all occasions. Giving tangible gifts is nice and all, but these gifts can become a burden when you start running out of shelf space in an already crowded room. Avoid the clutter by giving a gift like a promise to take the recipient to a dinner show or a gift card for a spa treatment.

What Would They Buy?

Think about gifts that the recipient would never buy for themselves. If you are considering gifting a hat she likes, scrap that idea and look for something she will never expect.

Avoid “Useful” Items

A vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day is not a good gift and may actually have you sleeping on the couch. These items are just way too impersonal to be given as gifts.

Expect Nothing in Return

You need to give the gift because it is what you want to do. Do not expect gratitude, a positive gesture or something in return. Certainly, any person with manners will thank you for the gift, but it shouldn’t be expected.

There will be times when the recipient might be too surprised to react to their gift in a gracious manner. If so, then you have done a good job.