Handing Out Crystal Awards Holds Many Benefits

Handing Out Crystal Awards Holds Many Benefits

Mar 29th 2017

Regardless the kind of year you may have had, we are confident that you have plenty of reasons to celebrate and many employees that deserve recognition. Most employee recognition awards typically go to employees with high sales or who have exceeded goals, but you don't want to forget the employees who should be recognized for putting forth that extra effort or who remained engaged all year.

Handing out employee recognition awards, like crystal awards, for example, will hold many benefits for you and your workforce. If you need award ideas, we have a few worth serious consideration.

Cost Savings Award

Cost cutting is important for a company to stay successful. There will be employees who bring innovations to the table that will save the company a lot of money. It is your job to assess these ideas and discover which one saved the company the most money and who were the key implementers in making these savings a reality.

Attendance Awards

Employees who have incredible immune systems and display exceptional commitment and dedication to their responsibilities should be considered as reward recipients. It is these individuals who are always there to lend a helping hand.

Team Players

All companies go through times of difficulty when restructuring may occur or employees have to be laid off. As a result, many employees may have to take on extra tasks or work with fewer resources to make it through the situation.

Look for employees who filled in when they were needed and did so without so much as a complaint. These employees should be recognized for their dedication and work ethic because, without them, your company wouldn't be where it is right now.

Green Award

Companies that go green will also save a lot of green. Give full recognition to those employees who come up with and implement green initiatives within the company. This could be something like a comprehensive recycling program, which not only saved the organization money, but made them a more attractive company in which to do business.

Innovation Awards

Innovation grows your company, so you should reward those who come up with wonderful ideas. There will be several times throughout the year when creative solutions are needed to solve an issue. So it makes perfect sense to reward those who think outside the box.

Self-Improvement Awards

Staff members who are always trying to work harder and constantly self-improving should be rewarded for their efforts. Take the time to compare current performance from the previous year and discover those who have made great strides. Don’t compare them to other employees as all individuals are unique.

Awards for the Small Stuff

Even small things should not go unnoticed. Awards employees for the little things they do that is appreciated by other staff or management. Peer to peer recognition is becoming increasingly popular and a great way to help recognize employees for their efforts.

Employee rewards lower turnover rates, increase productivity and validates achievements. In fact, there is really no good reason not to reward employees for their efforts.