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If Your Crystal Anniversary in Coming Up, Simply Get Her a Crystal Gift

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You might know well enough to not give your wife a vacuum for an anniversary gift, a crystal anniversary at that. But what you probably don’t know is that there are several gifts you don’t give your wife on your anniversary.

We see you are squirming in your chair a bit and starting to sweat. We aren't trying to freak you out, we just want you to know what gifts will fall flat, some might even warrant a little extra time with the dog in his house.

Look, if your crystal anniversary in coming up, simply get her a crystal gift and all will be well. If her birthday is coming up, get her a crystal gift and all will be well. You can't go wrong with crystal gifts. But here are some gifts you should never get.

Gift card

Giving her a gift card for an anniversary or any other occasion for that matter demonstrates a complete lack of respect. Unless, of course, it is an Applebee’s gift card. Just kidding, don't go there, it shows you gave the gift zero thought.

Exercise Equipment

Even if your spouse ios as fit and tone as Jane Fonda circa 1980s, giving her a rowing machine or treadmill will set her off, she may even cry. A crying spouse is the last thing you want on your anniversary.


Whether it’s a toaster, food processor or a new refrigerator, appliances are for the house and not for the person. If you expect a romantic evening on your anniversary, you aren't getting one if you bring home a bread maker as a gift. Believe us.


Lingerie might make an acceptable gift on a different occasion, but not for a crystal anniversary. Besides, you probably don't know her measurements and size, and if you get something too big or too small, you will pay dearly.