Start Organizing Those Favorite Photos

Start Organizing Those Favorite Photos

Mar 11th 2022

Get a head start by looking through the pictures you have saved and picking out those you hold closest to your heart. Pictures are a great way to save a memory. Whether the photo is of the person you love the most or a picture of you and your best friend sitting down and drinking coffee at your favorite cafe, these moments deserve to be saved as keepsakes forever.

Start your spring cleaning by deleting these excess photos. Your phone is probably filled with a lot of photos you don’t want anymore. Look through your phone’s memory, the cloud, or anywhere you store photos and start by deleting any pictures that you don’t need, including screenshots, accidental downloads, or even photos of yourself that you don’t like.

While you’re looking through your library and clearing out the cobwebs, take note of the photos you really enjoy. It’s important to save those photos for the future. As you look through your albums, put the pictures that stand out to you into a separate area. Create a new folder and title it ‘Favorite Photos.’ After you’ve done this, you can look through the photos in this new folder and figure out which ones mean the most to you. Some important questions to consider while looking through the potential candidates are:

  • When was this photo taken?
  • Does this photo reflect who you are now?
  • Does it reflect who you were in the past?
  • Is anyone in the picture with you?
  • If anyone is in the photo with you, are they still in your life? Do they mean a lot to you?
  • Does looking at this photo make you happy?
  • Is it a photo of someone you love?
  • Did this photo immediately jump into your mind when you started sorting through your storage?
  • How often have you shown this photo to your family and friends?

After sorting through the candidates, any photos left probably have a great personal significance to you. The memories captured in those pictures shouldn’t be forgotten. Their importance means they should be kept close. However, storing these photos on the cloud or on your hard drive doesn’t guarantee their safety.

Online storage or storage on your hard drives can be great for keeping them safe for a while, but they can get lost in piles of other photos. Upgrading your phone may also accidentally delete these important memories. You may try printing them out, but photos can me misplaced or damaged. The best option for keeping these priceless moments in your life forever is engraving them in crystal.

If you have a picture that you truly love, consider immortalizing it in a crystal print. Crystal Prints has a wide selection of shapes and sizes you can choose from. You can engrave a picture of a special family member or immortalize a photo of your significant other into a crystal pendant or an ornament, so your love lasts forever. All you have to do is upload your photo onto our website and we’ll take care of the rest. Use Crystal Prints to immortalize those photos you never want to lose!

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