Our Beloved Furry Family Members

Jul 23rd 2018

All of the best childhoods involved running around and getting dirty with furry family members. Perhaps you grew up playing sports and had your furry best friend racing you in the backyard to help you practice your fast running skills. Or maybe you had a furry friend who laid in bed with you, listened to all of your secrets, and kept you safe from shadow monsters. No matter the story, we all love our furry family members (sometimes even more than we love our human ones). They’re always there for us when we need them, running to greet us at the door, comforting us in times of sadness, and lifting our spirits with their crazy antics. They dedicate themselves to us and see us as their own family. With that kind of loyalty, it’s hard not to break down once a beloved pet’s life is lost.

For some, pets are just another part of the family. Loving creatures that add character and adventure to ordinary family life. To others, pets are best friends. They’re what we look forward to when going home after a long and stressful day at work. They’re our daily companions and roommates; they keep us from feeling lonely and give us a healthy sense of responsibility and importance in caring for them. Without pets, our lives just wouldn’t be the same.

There are certain health benefits that come from owning pets, as well. Not only does petting a cat or dog relieve stress, but it can also help lower blood pressure and put you in a generally happier and more trusting mood. Having a pet can make you feel less lonely and can help you better connect with people socially.

There are pets that stay with us for less than a decade and pets that keep us company for nearly a quarter of our lives. For some, these pets last longer than friendships or relationships. They are a reassuring constant in our lives that never disappoint. And when I say pets, I don’t just mean cats and dogs.

While I grew up with dogs in the house, my cousins grew up with horses on their farm. Horses and dogs have a lot in common. Both are equally loyal and hardworking and both teach their owner a great deal of responsibility. Having a pet teaches a lot of life lessons. It teaches us loyalty, how to care for things, and requires a strong work ethic. This can prepare us for what life has to bring as we get older and makes us more resilient and able to deal with shortcomings and turn them into positive teaching lessons.

With everything that pets offers, they deserve to be memorialized for eternity. One of the best ways to memorialize your pet is with pet memorials gifts. If you or someone you know has lost a pet, a great gift to memorialize your pet forever is with a crystal print. Lucky for you, here at Crystal Prints, we’ve got all kinds of crystal gifts to memorialize your pet for a treasured keepsake that will bring back all of those cherished memories.

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