The Amazing Possibilities of 3D Photos in Crystal

Oct 27th 2019

The Amazing Possibilities of 3D Photos in Crystal

Crystal is one of the most sought-after and beautiful materials in the world. Respected, worn, and crafted by cultures all throughout time, crystal has a special emotional power that few other materials can offer. Thanks to modern laser technology, skilled artisans like those at Crystal Prints are able to etch images underneath the surface of gorgeously-cut crystals, creating images unlike anything else.

Combining laser-etching technology and the simple transfer of digital photographs, artisans can take photos from their clients, convert them using computer software, and etch the photographs into crystal in three-dimensional splendor. The possibilities that 3D photos in crystal create for those looking to give an unforgettable gift or award are seemingly endless. Below, we’ll explore just a few of the incredible images you can create by having artisans etch 3D photos in crystal.

Let’s start with the basics; while seemingly simple in concept, simply etching a headshot makes for an incredible effect when done in crystal. Brilliant white lines in pristine crystal form a full-3D representation of the subject’s face. Imagine capturing your grandpa’s jovial smile for grandma or your mother’s wise eyes for her wife; the power of photographs as a gift is magnified when put in 3D and is multiplied yet again when framed by carefully-cut crystal.

You’re not limited to images of a single person, though. You can have 3D photos in crystal that depict the entire family. Every family has treasured images they cherish for years, sometimes leaving the same photo hung in the same place for decades at a time. Maybe it’s the picture of when your family finally climbed to the summit of Katahdin, the day the oldest graduated from college, or the day mom started her own business. Whatever your treasured occasion is, you can frame it in the austere, immortal beauty of crystal.

Let’s not forget our animal companions! Our furry, feathered, and aquatic friends look incredible when depicted using 3D photos in crystal. The level of detail is breathtaking, creating a true-to-life monument to your family companion’s ceaseless loyalty. The headshot of your dog or a snapshot of your bird perched on a ledge will create unmistakable harmony when expressed through artful crystal.

Crystal masterworks aren’t only for the family, either. They make an incredible reward for an outstanding student, athlete, or even employee. Teachers can have the school logo and motto etched alongside the valedictorian’s name and graduation year to create an unforgettable token of achievement. A coach can have the team championship photo etched in crystal to be displayed next to the championship trophy. A general manager could reward a high-performing leader with an accolade forever recorded in crystal, making an award that is both professional and deeply appreciative.

If any of these incredible ideas are sparking your imagination, visit today. Their innovative and inventive artisans can do all of the ideas mentioned here and more. You really do have to see it to believe it. Just take a look for yourself!