Improve Your Photos For The Best Crystal Print

Improve Your Photos For The Best Crystal Print

Dec 10th 2021

The holiday season is almost here, meaning more time spent with your family and loved ones. What better way to capture those moments than with a photo engraved into a crystal? Crystal Prints specializes in engraving photos to create a memorable piece that will last long after any printed photos. However, not all photos are created equal.

Regardless of the season, you always want to take the best photos so you and your loved ones can enjoy the gift of an engraved crystal for years to come. We provide tips below so that you can ensure your photo is the right one for engraving into a lasting crystal piece.

Tips For Taking The Best Photos

  • Use even lighting. Make sure the faces of your subjects are evenly lit from all sides to avoid dark shadows that could affect the quality of your engraving.
  • Reduce or eliminate shadows. To ensure the best quality, try to reduce or eliminate any shadows that could affect the way our engraving looks.
  • Wear light-colored clothing. If you already know you want to engrave this photo into a crystal, you should plan to wear light-colored clothing. It engraves the best out of other clothing tones.
  • Have high resolution images. When choosing a photo to engrave, make sure the original photo file is high resolution. Check your camera or phone’s guide to see what resolution it uses. Alternatively, you can also check the resolution of a file on your computer.
  • Focus your camera lens. Before taking any photos, you want to make sure your camera lens is in focus. If using a smartphone or other mobile device, the camera tends to auto-focus, so make sure it’s focusing on the right subject.
  • Fit everything into the frame. A big mistake when taking photos is not checking that everyone’s face and head are in the camera’s frame. You want to make sure you’re not cutting off any part of a person’s head!
  • Avoid taking photos from unusual angles. You should take your photos face forward, or straight-on, as these are the best photos for engraving. Effects such as bird’s eye view or fisheye may seem cool, but they won’t engrave well!
  • Close-up photos are the best. While we can engrave any photo, close-up shots of loved ones tend to look the best when they’re engraved.

The same principles apply to any pet photos you want to take to use for your crystal gift. Like with human subjects, you want to make sure your photos are straight-on rather than profile (or side) views.

Crystal Prints Pet Photos

Give The Gift Of Crystal Prints Today!

It’s never too early to start thinking about your Christmas gift giving. With our helpful tips and a bit of careful planning, you can create the most beautiful Crystal Prints possible. So gather up those photos and give a gift that’s meaningful, emotional, and lasts forever – give a Crystal Print.