How To Turn Your Sonogram Ultrasound Into The Perfect Keepsake

How To Turn Your Sonogram Ultrasound Into The Perfect Keepsake

Mar 4th 2022

Seeing your new baby for the first time on a sonogram is a beautiful moment many capture through photography and video recording. These sonograms are often shared and shown to family and close friends at a baby shower. Excitement is passed around as people see your child for the first time. This special moment deserves to be remembered and immortalized so you can re-capture the magic at any time. Taking pictures of your sonogram isn’t uncommon, but there’s a better way to keep this moment’s magic: printing it into a crystal.

Engraving the sonogram of your soon-to-be-born child captures the magic of the moment better than a simple ultrasound photo ever could. If the subject of your child comes up at a dinner party, having the crystal at the ready is much easier then scrolling through years upon years of photos in your phone.

Even if you print out the picture, it doesn’t quite capture the same feeling. Small, printed photographs can get lost or misplaced easily. They’re also easily broken or torn. Engraving the crystal and placing it proudly on your desk or nightstand will help you keep the memory close to your heart. Crystals are durable, so you’ll have the memory within arm’s reach forever.

These crystal prints also make great gifts for the new parents and close family members. Purchase one as a gift for the future grandparents, so they can always remember the sight of their grandchild. Give one to your brothers or sisters so they can share the magic you felt when you first laid eyes on your child. Give one to your best friend for being there through thick and thin with you, so they know that they are as close as family to you. Share the excitement of a new life being created.

Our crystals come in many shapes and sizes, so you have options. The crystal photo panel is perfect for displaying the image – choose the LED base for even greater impact. If you want to display the love that you feel for your child, print your baby sonogram ultrasound photo in a heart. Your love is unique, and the crystal you get should reflect that.

In order to immortalize this moment properly, and with all the detail it deserves, you should go with the best product. Ordering your keepsake through Crystal Prints is the best way to ensure your first memory of your child is captured properly, with the same love and care that you will raise them with. Upload your photo onto our website and we’ll capture the love and excitement you felt through the crystal. Take advantage of our free shipping and contact Crystal Prints today. Let us help you immortalize the undying love you and your family have for your child!