What Happens When You Buy Her Crystal Gifts for Your Anniversary

What Happens When You Buy Her Crystal Gifts for Your Anniversary

May 2nd 2017

An anniversary gift, no matter how big or how small, is a statement that you love your spouse. It is a gesture of peace and love that makes an enormous impression on the recipient. The act of gift giving on your anniversary is extremely important and endures in ways simple acts of kindness does not. That is, gift giving on an anniversary is a physical action that will leave wonderful memories for years to come.

We can hear the collective sigh of thousands of husbands out there. This is something they have heard before.

They know that giving the wrong gift for their anniversary means they did a very bad thing, and forgiveness is not an excuse to repeat the mistake year after year.

The problem, we feel, is that the whole connection between an anniversary gift and the reaction of the recipient is lost because the husband really doesn't understand the benefits he will enjoy when he makes the decisions.

Basically, men need to hear about all of the good things they will enjoy if they buy their wife something really great for their anniversary, like crystal gifts for example.

Guys are too hooked on this concept that spending more means better gifts. The truth of the matter is that you don't need to sacrifice your salary to make her happy. And when you finally figure out that you must choose a gift that is not selfish and from the heart, this is what you can expect to happen.

Boost Your Reputation

From the moment you and your wife started dating, your social reputation was no longer in your control. This is because women talk, they talk often and they talk to as many people as they can, including your friends and family. In fact, they share every minute detail of your actions with all of her gal pals, making sure not to gloss over anything.

So if you buy her a bad gift, you can bet everybody knows about it. And each time you commit a wrong, even if it is completely unintentional, your reputation suffers.

But if you buy her a great gift for your anniversary, good words are spoken about you and your reputation is restored. At least, for the time being.

Entry Into Exclusive Networks

When you start making the right choices when gifts are concerned, it opens doors you never knew existed. All of the sudden, her parents are actually glad to see you and break out the top shelf Scotch when you visit.

You get invited to golf outing by her friends who you thought disliked you and you might even get a job recommendation from her brother who works for that really great company you want to work for.

You Become Hard to Replace

Deep down, you have always known that if it came down to it, she could do much than just settle with you. She was the one who dated doctors, lawyers and that guy who could have been a model, yet you are the one she married. Go figure.

But as long as you are sending her the right message through great gifts, you remain hard to replace. So you don't have to worry about her dumping you for that model guy.

Seriously, this is what happens when you start buying better gifts.