Your Dog Deserves a Crystal Memorial

Jan 25th 2018

Dog owners share one thing in common, a special love for their pets that are so important to them. But exactly why do we love our dogs so much? So much, in fact, that when their time with us is over and they cross the rainbow bridge, we honor them with a crystal memorial from Crystal Prints.

With the number of movies about dogs, the books about dogs and the websites devoted to dogs, it’s a safe assumption that many of you out there love dogs and here are some reasons why.

They Aren’t Picky Eaters

You probably aren't a five-star chef. Heck, you probably aren’t a one-star chef and can barely make a bowl of cereal, but that really doesn’t matter because your dog will eat anything you give him.

In fact, your dog appreciates your culinary skills so much he follows you into the kitchen and never takes his eyes off you while you are putting your mad cooking skills to use.


There are stories about dogs being so loyal that they throw themselves into the graves of their owners or stand vigilantly on their master’s graves through all sorts of bad weather.

Some might say that a dog is only loyal because you give them food and shelter. But if you have a dog, you know how they react when you get home after a long day at work. They act like they haven’t seen you in years.


When you are deeply troubled, you can say anything to your dog and he will never interrupt or be judgemental. Best of all, your dog doesn’t charge $200 an hour to listen to you spill your guts.


Research has shown that in many ways dogs are good for our health. People who have dogs are shown to have fewer heart problems, improved moods and reduced stress.

It’s true, spending just 30 minutes with your dog can help you feel more calm and relaxed and will lower your blood pressure. Playing with your dog not only is great exercise, but it also raises serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain making you feel happy.

Dogs Don’t Hold Grudges and Forgive Easily

Dogs don’t hold grudges and forgive rather quickly. They never hang on to stupid things you said years ago and bring it up when you have an argument. If you accidentally hurt them while playing too hard, they might yelp, but they instantly forgive you and start playing again.

They Comfort Us When We are Down

Therapy dogs are used to treat civilians and soldiers with PTSD and they visit long-term care homes to spread joy. So it is of little surprise that when you are feeling down, your dog is there to cheer you up. You simply cannot deny the soothing abilities dogs have.

They Teach Us Compassion

Dogs are kind, caring, loving and compassionate and they are forgiving and never hold a grudge. We see these fine qualities in dogs and it makes us think about what we can do to be better people.

If you wish to pay tribute to your dog, visit Crystal Prints and shop our selection of crystal memorials.