​Your Wife Deserves a 3D Photo Crystal

​Your Wife Deserves a 3D Photo Crystal

Oct 31st 2017

Wives just don’t get enough credit for what they do for their husbands. Far too many husbands aren't as communicative as they should be and don't share just how they feel about their wives. It’s fine time for these men to man up and give their wives the credit they deserve.

In addition to giving them the credit they deserve, you should buy them a really nice gift, even though it’s not their birthday or your anniversary. A 3D photo crystal from Crystal Prints will do nicely. And while you are buying them this gift, stop and think about the reasons why you love your wife.

She Remembers Things That You Don’t

We are betting that if your wife wasn't there to remind you, you would probably forget your kid’s birthday. Men have a tendency to forget things the moment they are told. Seriously, there is scientific proof. But wives, on the other hand, have incredible memories and never forget anything.

And even though she will never forget about the mistakes you make, the stupid things you have said to her and that one time you almost won an argument, she will also remember your favorite brand of reel and buy one for you on your birthday and she will remember to put your clothes in the dryer as you always forget.

She Loves You Despite the Fact You Can Be Stupid

You have to admit it, you have done some pretty stupid things over the years. When you do something stupid, your wife may roll her eyes and shake her head, but ultimately she will forgive you and continue supporting you no matter what. And despite your actions, you know she still loves you.

She Takes Care of You When You are Sick

Catch a cold and most men act like they are on their deathbed. This goes for you as well. Your wife can be sick and you won’t even know it. But when you get sick, you think the end of the world is near.

But that’s fine because she will go out of her way to feed you, give you medicine and make sure you are comfortable as can be.

She Makes Your Favorite Meals

Sure, we all know that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but even after she has that ring, she will continue to slave over a hot stove and present you with all of your favorite dishes.

And the best you can do to return the favor is burp loudly and offer to take your plate to the sink. Oh, and you occasionally switch roles and you cook the meals when the weather is nice and you can fire up the grill.

She Knows Where Everything Is

Whenever you can’t find something, you ask your wife for help because she knows where everything is. Could it be because she is the one that puts everything away?

Your wife is a prize. Treat her well and buy her gifts she will love from Crystal Prints.