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Crystal Gifts Make Excellent Memorial Gifts

Through unique and beautiful sympathy gifts, the burden of grief can be released by sharing the hurt and feeling of loss. Unless you have experienced a tremendous loss and encountered this level of grief first hand, you can’t even imagine the turmoil that chokes the heart when someone close to you passes. And though you [...]

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Crystal Prints Unveils Yacht Club Past Commodores Crystal Recognition Wall

In 1911 Alfred Dupont founded the Cambridge Maryland Yacht Club. Since then, seventy five men and women have served as Commodore of the yacht club's flag officers. This leadership position usually requires six or more years of volunteer work serving on the club's board of directors and flag officer positions.Wayne Sandberg of Crystal Prints Inc [...]

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Crystal Awards Jobs Well Done Can Go a Long Way

You put in the time, the blood and sweat into the last work project. Not only did you step it up to extremely high levels of excellence, you did so under a very tight deadline. You brought your work home with you to ensure goals were met, you went above and beyond what is typically [...]

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You Don’t Have a Good Excuse to Present Them With a 3D Photo Crystal

You just found the perfect crystal gifts for a family member or a dear friend, but you don’t have a good excuse to present them with a 3D photo crystal. No need to fret, we have compiled a list of reasons to give them a gift.Graduation- Graduation is a great occasion to give the gift [...]

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Instead of Spending Hours Shopping Retail Chains and Specialty Shops, Simply Order Them One or Two 3D Photo Crystals

Some people are really difficult to shop for. These are the type of people who either already have everything or desire gifts that are unusual or unique. Instead of spending hours shopping retail chains and specialty shops, simply order them one or two 3D photo crystals, they really do make the perfect gift.Perfect SizeIf you [...]

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Crystal Gifts Make Great Anniversary Gifts

Stop for a moment and forget all about Hallmark cards, romantic dinners and overpriced chocolate, all things we associate with wedding anniversaries. At best, these are meaningless gifts that could never convey the honor a wedding anniversary deserves. At least, not on their own. What you need is that something special you can give in [...]

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NOVEMBER 24, 2015

Ooooohhhhhhhh Carol. This crystal print is absolutely beautiful!!! We love it. It's like he's inside. THANK U SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! And thank the person responsible for making it for me as well please. Great job--Jessica

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NOVEMBER 5, 2015

We received our crystal today and the quality is beyond anything we expected. The customer service was great too. Thanks to Crystal Prints for a great job. We will order again soon.

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